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Luca Pecile started his journey in the footwear industry in 1998. The passion for this work runs through his veins, he inherited this trade from his father who spent his life in the world of shoes. 

Being very ambitious and curious, with a great desire to create a legacy, he decided to create his own brand called ton Goût in 2014. The name ton Goût (meaning ’your taste’ in French) is the expression of personal taste.


The brand is becoming international with collections suitable for any type of customer.


The creation process of the collections is experimental and incorporates new designs and materials.


We carry out all the processing for footwear: Blake and Rapid manufacturing, Bologna Manufacturing, Cassette manufacturing, Needle manufacturing.


The products are 100 % Made in Italy by local craftsmen, with a careful approach to design, choice of materials and workmanship.

All the materials used are natural and of high quality.

A creation result of thousands of small manual and artisanal passages

Handmade in Italy

A creation result of thousands of small manual and artisanal passages


All our collections are studied in detail and follow the latest fashion trends.


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